The Team & Our Clients

The Copenhagenize Design Co. Team

Allow us to introduce ourselves. We're a team of passionate individuals who work towards making our cities better places to live. We believe in the power of the Life-Sized City and we are convinced that the bicycle is the most powerful tool in our urban toolbox for rebuilding our urban spaces to become more life-sized. 

It's not all about the bicycle. We're not "cyclists", we're just people who happen to get around our cities on bicycles, and we know that increasing the number of bicycle users in any city is an integral part of improving quality of life for all citizens. That's why we specialise in bicycles as transport, be it infrastructure, planning, communications or master classes. 

We're good at what we do but even more importantly, we love doing it.

The office

Mikael Colville-Andersen
Mikael Colville-Andersen

Urban design expert and one of the leading voices in global urbanism. He is an influential and much sought after keynote speaker and is the founderr of the company. He has been working with client cities on planning & design since 2008.

Clotilde Imbert
Clotilde Imbert (France)
Urban Planner

Urban planner specialised in sustainable urban development. After a Master's degree in Urban Planning from the IV-Sorbonne, she worked in Paris. She has studied - and of course used - bicycle infrastructure in Stockholm, Brussels, Paris and now Copenhagen. Clotilde runs our Brussels office and projects in French-speaking countries.

James Thoem
James Thoem (Copenhagen)
Urban Planner / Project Coordinator

Trained as an urban planner in Canada and Sweden, James brings with him an academic and professional background in community engagement and active transportation. When he’s not in the office developing strategic plans and communication strategies, he’ll likely be found skateboarding with friends in one of Copenhagen’s world renowned public spaces.

Michael Seth Wexler
Michael Seth Wexler (Montreal)
Urban Designer / Project Coordinator

Michael has a diverse background in urban planning, project management, design and visual media and a Master of Planning from McGill University. He runs our North American office in Montréal and focuses on strategic planning, research infrastructure design and building visual content.

Maria Elisa Ojeda
María Elisa Ojeda (Barcelona)
Urban Planner / Project Coordinator

Architect and urban planner specialized in sustainable mobility projects primarily related to bicycle urbanism. . Together with Jordi she runs our Barcelona office and projects in Spanish-speaking countries.

Jordi Gali Manuel
Jordi Galí Manuel (Barcelona)
Architect / Urban Planner

Architect specialized in bicycle logistics, cargo bikes, urban planning and design. After a master's degree in mobility management, he founded the cycle logistics company Vanapedal, in 2010. Together with Maria Elisa he runs our Barcelona office and projects in Spanish-speaking countries.

Julie Kierkegaard
Julie Kierkegaard

Julie is our communications coordinator and executive assistant to the CEO. She is responsible for company scheduling, communications with clients and our product selection.

World's Best Interns
From everywhere

We are priviliged to work with a stellar team of interns from all over the world. Passionate individuals that we hand-pick for what we hope is a brilliant work experience in our international office. We've had interns from four continents and 90 cities.

Meredith Glaser
Selected Clients

Alba Iulia, Romania - Cyclelogistics (Client: European Commission)
Amsterdam - Desire Lines Analysis of 10 Intersections (Client: City of Amsterdam)
Barcelona - BiTiBi - Two pilot projects at train stations (Client: European Commission)
Bordeaux - Expert Critic for City's Bicycle Strategy (Client: City of Bordeaux)
Copenhagen - Behavourial Communication Template
Copenhagen - City of Cyclists Film
Copenhagen - Idea Catalogue for Bicycle Superhighways (Client: Copenhagen Capital Region)
Denmark - Dreams on Wheels Exhibition (Client: Ministry of Foreign Affairs)
Denmark - Monumental Motion Exhibition (Client: Ministry of Foreign Affairs)
Dublin - Citywide Bicycle Strategy (Client: National Transport Authority)
Dublin - The Quays Redesign (Client: National Transport Authority)
Dublin - Dodder River Cycleway (Client: National Transport Authority)
Groningen - Logo, visual identity, branding (City of Groningen)
London - Master Class in Borough of Southwark
Liverpool - Bitibi - Pilot project at train stations (Client: Borough of Southwark)
Luxembourg - Logo and Visual Identity for Bicycle Office (Client: Ministry of Transport)
Luxembourg - Graphic design of lobby for EU Ministers meeting
Norway - Feasability study about increasing cycling (Client: National Transport Ministry)
Roskilde, Denmark - Rock ur Bike Festival (Client: City of Roskilde)

Julie Kierkegaard
Selected Clients - Rest of World

City of Almetyevsk, Russia - Complete bicycle strategy and coaching - (Client: City of Almetyevsk)
City of Detroit, USA - Complete bicycle strategy and coaching - (Client: City of Detroit)
City of Long Beach, USA - Bicycle Urbanism Coaching - (Client: Long Beach)
City of Paris - Analysis of bike share expansion & bicycle superhighways
City of Strasbourg - Coaching, planning, communication design - (Client: City of Strasbourg)
Bangkok - Cycle Track around International Airport (Client: Siam Commercial Bank)
Halifax, Canada - Bicycle Urbanism Master Class (Client: City of Halifax)
Kitchner-Waterloo - Bicycle Urbanism Master Class (Client: City of Kitchener)
Ottawa - Bicycle Urbanism Master Class (Client: NCC)
Sao Paulo - Bicycle Schools and Safe Routes (Client: City of Sao Paulo)
Winnipeg - Bicycle & Pedestrian Strategy (Client: City of Winnipeg)
Winnipeg - Bicycle Urbanism Master Class (Client: City of Winnipeg)
Victoria - Bicycle Urbanism Master Class (Client: City of Victoria)

Bianca Hermansen
Over 100 Keynotes in 80 cities since 2009

EU Ministers of Transport, Luxembourg // House of Parliament, London // TED x Copenhagen // TED x Zurich // TED x Münster // UNAM University, Mexico City // Columbia University // Columbia University Studio X, Rio de Janeiro // Dalhousie University, Halifax // Simon Fraser University, Vancouver // University of Budapest // City of Edmonton Winter Cities Shakeup // City of Sao Paulo / Bike Texas Conference / Borough of Kensington & Chelsea // Festival of Cycling, Edinburgh // State of Design Festival, Melbourne // Velo-City: Adelaide, Vienna, Copenhagen // French National Cycling Conference // Association of Irish Engineers // Pro Walk Pro Bike Pro Place, Long Beach // Centro do Urbanismo, Rio de Janeiro //


Selected clients since 2009