Broadcasting the Message

We're on to something good here. Bicycles as a normal, accepted and respected transport form in our cities. We're all keen on getting the message out. Unfortunately, far too much messaging about urban cycling stems from a sub-cutural base. Far too much advocacy borrows heavily from ineffective marketing techniques inherited from environmentalism.

Copenhagenize Design Co. believes that there are better ways to sell the message and we specialise in it. We understand that the 99% don't want to become members of a sub-culture on their journey to the shops or to work. They are exposed to mainstream marketing techniques all day long and it is important to utilise the same techniques to sell the dream.

Be it a product, a city brand or a campaign, we know how to get the message across. We're not cyclists or bike geeks, after all. We're just people who happen to use bicycles in our cities.



Standing up and getting noticed
We know a thing or two about branding. First, Cycle Chic rolled out around the world and became a "thing" - from the Photo That Launched a Million Bicycles to a global network of Cycle Chic activists, bloggers and businesspeople. Copenhagenize, too, has benefited from our branding expertise, right from the moment Mikael coined the phrase. Copenhagenize Design Co. has worked on branding Copenhagen as The City of Cyclists and, more recently, we've worked with the City of Groningen on developing their brand as Bicycle Capital of the World. Be it a city or a company, we can help build the brand and broadcast the message.

Logo & Visual Identity

Logo and Visual Identity
Identifying with an identity
One beautifully designed poster or infographic is lovely, but often there is a need for an entire storytelling process with a comprehensive visual identity. From logo to letterhead, we specialise in creating visual identities for bicycle-related projects. Every step of the way we think about the individual who could be riding a bicycle, even if they haven't thought about it yet.

Graphic Design

Graphic Design
Appealing to the 99%
Graphic design and visual identity are key to any campaign or branding strategy. We avoid the clichés of bicycle-related graphics and design - in fact we avoid them wherever possible. We aim for the broadest audience with our designs, in the hope that the message is broadcast effectively. We're pretty good at it.


Film and Photo
With our multimedia experience we offer professional photography and filmmaking - most often for bicycle brands and their catalogue and/or website. On other projects we often do the photography ourselves. We have produced films for clients like the City of Copenhagen, among others. All focused on selling cycling and encouraging the viewer of the material to consider or reconsider the bicycle as transport.