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Copenhagenize Index 2011
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The Copenhagenize Report
Copenhagen stays at number 2 in this year's Index. From an urban design perspective, Copenhagen is second-to-none when it comes to a well-designed and uniform bicycle infrastructure network. Nobody believes the politicians anymore when they say they are aiming for 50% modal share. Nevertheless, the Bondam Effect continues to influence the city and a great number of bicycle infrastructure projects are underway. A whole series of bicycle/pedestrian bridges over the harbour, the continued work on a network of bicycle superhighways and completing missing links like Gothersgade have all contributed to the score and bonus allocation. All good, but Copenhagen is hanging on to 2nd place by a whisker.

Copenhagenize Fixes
If Copenhagen's current lack of clear political leadership on the bicycle front continues, the City will see itself under threat on the list. Plans for a 1950s-style car infrastructure project - a massive harbour tunnel - will filter more cars into the city centre if completed. The fact that such an outdated project is even being discussed is not a reassuring sign. City Hall has been increasing car parking, after many years of removing it. It's getting all a little too car-centric for our liking - at the expense of cycling. The modal share has stablized, after falling from 37% to 35% due to helmet promotion but if Copenhagen is to continue in its visionary role as benchmark city, commitment is required.

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