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With the expanision of the Copenhagenize Index to 150 cities in 2013, Utrecht rocked right into a solid 3rd place. A splendid city in which to ride a bicycle, Utrecht is a world-leader among smaller cities for showing what it possible regarding bicycle traffic. The 640,000 people in the Metro area, as well as the city itself, enjoy a premier network of bicycle infrastructure and fantastic usage levels. Videos of Utrecht's bicycle rush hours have served to place the city on the bicycle culture map for a wider audience and city is a must to visit for planners from around the world.

Copenhagenize Fixes
Like Amsterdam, Utrecht's placement on the Index is well-deserved but it is largely due to it's status quo as opposed to any significant efforts to increase the level of bicycle traffic. With urbanisation on the rise, the city needs to move forward in order to accommodate more cycling cities and really establish themselves as leaders of the future, not just the present.

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