Copenhagenize Design Co. has a constant team of passionate interns from around the world. We've had the pleasure of having over 30 interns over the last couple of years. Being a small social enterprise, we offer unpaid internships with loads of experience and independence in an office that prides itself on being "never normal".

We recieve over 400 applications for our unpaid internships each year. We thrilled and flattered that so many people from around the world want to be Copenhagenizers. Unfortuntely, we are unable to respond to to them all. Don't take it personally. The selection process is tough, to be honest.

Copenhagenize Design Co. is based in Copenhagen but we operate on a global scale. We work with urban design and anthropology, ethnography and, increasingly, industrial design and communications.

We are the go-to team for a world looking to reestablish the bicycle on the urban landscape. We are quite convinced that we have the best jobs on the planet.

All Copenhagenizers are passionate about their work and the vision we share. The strength of our team is a key factor in helping us inspire and motivate each other. We will expect a lot from you and you can expect a lot from us.

We are currently forming our team for Fall 2014.



Before you apply

You are passionate, enthusiastic and constantly seek new inspiration. You have an interest in psychology, culture and society simply because you can't help yourself. You don't see problems, you see solutions. You don't have to love bicycles (it helps a bit, though) but you believe in the role of the bicycle in our work towards rebuilding our cities to be more liveable.

You can effortlessly switch between working independently and as a part of the team. You are either a student of urban planning, architecture or design - or of business or marketing & communications. We're also keen to hear from graphic design students. Keep in mind that you must have completed the first two years of your education.

You have a good understanding of the dynamics of social media and what they mean to a brand and business strategy. You speak and write English fluently - it's the working language at Copenhagenize - and you are especially comfortable writing in English.

As a Copenhagenize intern you will not be wasting your time brewing coffee or xeroxing. We expect you to take an active part in the challenges we solve with our clients - both intellectually and socially.

- Priority is given to individuals who already know the company. Discovering the company through a "design + copenhagen + urban planning" google search and firing off an email is not considered "knowing the company".
- You are fluent in English.

- You are fun to drink with.
- You have a background in - or are currently studying - urban planning, architecture, geography, anthropology, graphic design, design or marketing. If you are coming at this from another angle, let us know how it fits in.
- You can commit to between 3 to 6 months.
- If you're studying in Copenhagen, you need to commit at least 20 hours a week.

Application Process

Your checklist
If you can see yourself as part of the Copenhagenize team feel free to submit an application. Here's what we want to see in the initial phase.

- A one-page pdf where you tell us why you want to to intern with us, including a photo. We don't want to see your CV at this stage.
- A video of yourself - maximum three minutes - explaining why you want to intern with us. Just send us the link, not the entire video
- Send your application to and write INTERNSHIP! in the subject field. With the exclamation mark, please.

Frankly, if an application doesn't include these simple requests, we don't even read it.