The Kickstand Sessions

Kickstand is an exciting and comprehensive coaching programme that launched in North America in Spring 2012.

The aim is to bring together groups with world class expertise in the areas of bicycle planning, policy, and culture. We will create locally relevant solutions and actionable steps for building bicycle cultures and increasing sustainable urban mobility.

Cities with established bicycle cultures enjoy increased traffic efficiencies, infrastructure savings and more liveable communities. Years of research in using bicycles as transportation has shown the importance of sound planning and policy methods but also the value of effectively communicate those ideas. Now, more than ever, bicycles are at the forefront of planning and we are keen to ensure this practical, simple, and economical mode of transport is here to stay.

Kickstand Sessions

Participants of Kickstand will leave with a stronger understanding of best practice bicycle-related implementations and how to market them, and an opportunity for a continued partnership with both Dutch and Danish experts.