The Copenhagenize Bar - Cargo Bike Parking Design

The Copenhagenize Bar is a design solution for on-street cargo bike parking. We partnered with Cyclehoop to produce the design. In Copenhagen, with 40,000 cargo bikes, parking is often a challenge. The cargo bikes are invaluable for city life but it often defeats the ease-of-use functionality to have to park them in the courtyard.

Providing secure on-street parking for residential neighbourhoods is paramount. The Copenhagenize Bar design is unique and revolutionary. The Bar secures the cargo bike without actually touching it. It is modular so that one or many can be placed on the street, outside shops or in courtyards, depending on need and volume.

Version 02 will feature a built-in locking mechanism operated by a swipe card for subscribers.

  • Year: 2014
  • Category: Design, Infrastructure
  • Client: TBA
  • Partners: Cyclehoop
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