Bicycle Superhigway Idea Catalogue

Idea Catalogue for Bicycle Superhighways in the Capital Region

Copenhagenize Design Co. won the tender for the production of an idea catalogue for the Capital Region's Bicycle Superhighway's network - Cykelsuperstierne, in Danish.

With our international experience and our Dutch partners, Mobycon, we compiled a comprehensive publication for use by the 22 municipalities around Copenhagen who are working together to develop the superhighway network.

We analysed existing facilities and brought a wealth of ideas together to provide the municipalities with a shopping list of facilities that will serve the bicycle users well. The ultimate guide to creating the most effective and user-friendly bicycle superhighway network in the world.

We ranked the ideas in three categories; simple, standard, super and provided cost, source and other relevant information.

Year: 2014
Category: Infrastructure, Publications, Communications
Client: Copenhagen Capital Region / Region Hovedstaden
Partners: Mobycon (NL)