Copenhagenize Flow

The Copenhagenize Flow

The Copenhagenize Flow is pre-fabricated, recycled modules that click easily together to create adjustable width and unlimited lengths of separated cycle tracks on city streets. The cities that are moving fastest in increasing their bicycle traffic are the ones who understand that separating bicycles from motor vehicles is of utmost importance. Many cities understand the need for separated bicycle infrastructure but they are reluctant to start investing in Copenhagen-style lanes.

The Copenhagenize Flow provides them with an inexpensive, easy-to-implement and effective temporary cycle track system. A gateway drug to permanent infrastructure, if you like. This is a solution that will provide safe infrastructure for the city’s cyclists and that will get much-desired results in a short time. Proof of Concept for separated cycle tracks. Fast, easy, cost-efficient.

Year: 2013 -
Category: Infrastructure, Design
Client: Various