Effective Cycling Promotion

Effective Cycling Promotion Research Project

Promoting urban cycling is not just a question of improving the conditions for bicycles (or making the alternatives less attractive), but also marketing. Copenhagenize Design Co. teamed up with Thomas Krag Mobility Advice to win a research grant from the Danish National Cycling Fund to assess the effect of messaging and marketing on bicycle user behaviour. Traditionally, individual transportation choices are linked to objective conditions (distance, infrastructure and weather). It has, however, become clear that there are also - as with other consumer choices - a number of non-rational and highly emotional factors involved. Understanding these factors and ways to influence them is the key to a more effective marketing of the bicycle. Understanding the characteristics of the potential user group is also important to a successful marketing campaign.

Year: 2010-2012
Category: Research, Advocacy
Funding: Danish National Cycling Fund (Cykelpuljen)
Partners: Thomas Krag Mobility Advice (DK)