Hej, Cyklist!

"Hej, cyklist!" Behaviourial campaign & communications template

The development of the 'Hej cyklist!' (Hi, cyclist!) behavourial communications template is aimed at shortening the distance between the City's Center for Traffic and Bicycle Office and the individuals who use the city's bicycle infrastructure - none of whom consider themselves to be "cyclists". We developed this communication template for posters and public information and on all the facilities and infrastructure the Bicycle Office maintains like the footrest/railing at stop lights.

The message of the campaign is designed to be celebratory and congratulatory – these are the people that make Copenhagen the city of cyclists, after all. The idea is simple. Thank people for cycling in the city. We chose a retro feel to the template. The template’s modern design yet traditional messaging bring a great balance that fits the cycling culture of the city: it’s exciting and innovative while being rooted in simplicity and tradition. The template is simple: "Hej, cyklist! INSERT MESSAGING HERE. Thank you for cycling in the city".

Year: 2009 - present
Category: Communications, Advocacy
Client: City of Copenhagen, Bicycle Office