Choreography of an Urban Intersection

The Bicycle Choreography of an Urban Intersection

“The Bicycle Choreography of an Urban Intersection—an anthropological study” involved an ordinary intersection, and more than 16,000 bicycle users. Copenhagenize studied 12 hours of video footage from our camera’s vantage point above two streets: Godthåbsvej and Nordre Fasanvej. The result? A delicious mélange of anthropological observation, video ethnography, and quantitative sense-making. 

Our groundbreaking study classified and categorized the bicycle users’ “desire lines” throughout the intersection. Where they go, but also how they get there. We identified three major “types” of bicycle users, separating the steady stream of bicycles into a diverse and differentiated bunch. Behavioural studies of bicycle users are rare, and this study is a vital tool for cities that want to start planning properly for cyclists.

Year: 2012-13
Category: Desire Lines, Infrastructure, Research, Graphic Design