The Good City

The Good City Exhibition

The Good City was an international travelling exhibition from the Bicycle Innovation Lab, of which Copenhagenize Design Co. is a co-founder. It focused on the challenges Copenhagen faces as a cycling city and explores the possibilities inherent in cycling as a platform for change towards better cities with less congestion and better living spaces. 

20 different companies/organisations were asked to give their vision of The Good City of the future in the form of a poster. Architectural firms, advocacy groups and even a third-grade class (enlisted by Copenhagenize) brought their ideas to the audience. Copenhagenize also contributed with their own.

The travelling exhibition was aimed at an international audience and could be rented by anyone in any locality. The intention with The Good City was to deliver the inspiration and framework for a solution-oriented debate on the bicycle's future role in the city. The Good City was aimed at citizens, policy makers, local authorities, businesses, educational institutions, students in higher educational institutions, environmental organisations, traffic organisations and tourists.

Year: 2011
Category: Exhibitions, Infrastructure
Partners: Bicycle Innovation Lab, 3d third grade class at La Cour Vej School, Frederiksberg