7550 Bike Parking Spots - Copenhagen Central

7550 Bike Parking Spots Behind Copenhagen Central Station

Back in 2009, the City of Copenhagen announced a bike parking facility behind Copenhagen Central Station. The idea disappeared from the radar and nothing was built. No visualisations were produced. So, in 2015, tired of waiting for action, Copenhagenize Design Company decided to design it ourselves.

Exploiting the space above the train tracks we have designed a facility featuring 7550 bike parking spots, including 30 cargo bike spots featuring The Copenhagenize Bar, 640 spots in a secure building, a bike shop and the world's first dedicated lookout point for trainspotters.

Year: 2015
Category: Design, Architecture, Parking
Designer: Mikael Colville-Andersen / Copenhagenize Design Co.
Architect: Steve C. Montebello / Copenhagenize Design Co.
Client: Because we can