We will stick to tradition. Just as in the races in Copenhagen back in the day, the cargo bike riders will ride four laps acround a course. For the first lap, they ride with empty bikes. Then they entering the loading area and load up their bikes with heavy and awkward goods (the goods are kept secret until moments before the race) and then they do three laps with a heavy load.

In the modern version in Copenhagen we have a number of different categories and we will be bringing these to Brazil:

- Individual three-wheeler championship for men and women.
- Individual two-wheeler championship for men and women.
- Team relay for four riders (friends or employees of the same company)

In addition, there will be age categories to accommodate the many age groups working on cargo bikes in Brazil. Other ideas include a celebrity team who can compete against an "all-star" team of participants.

Here's a film from the 2009 race in Copenhagen - Svajerløb 2009 - Danish Cargo Bike Championships from Copenhagenize on Vimeo.


In order to qualify for racing, the riders will have to prove that they are employed as a "cargueira" in Brazil.


We are planning on having prize money for the winners in the various categories, as well as prizes from companies we will partner with.


We hope that the success of the Brazil race will lead to races in other South American cities. We would love to see a South & Central American championships featuring riders from Mexico to Argentina, and everywhere inbetween.