TED Talks & Related Talks

TED x Zurich - Bicycle Urbanism by Design. 2012.
TED x Münster - The Life-Sized City. 2015.
Architecture IO. London 2014. The importance of designing streets instead of engineering them.
The Man Behind Copenhagenization. Excerpt from Bike-Friendly Cities series by Skoda. 2014.
TED x Copenhagen. Why we should bike without a helmet. The Culture of Fear related to cycling. 2010.
Bike in the City. Interview from Bicycle Innovation Lab. 2012. With designer Jens Martin Skibsted from Biomega.
TED x Copenhagen. 2012. The Copenhagenize Project. Mary Hudson Embry.
Bike Friendly City - Copenhagen. 2014. Series.
The Five Senses in the Life-Sized City. Keynote at Velo-City in Adelaide. 2014.
Four Goals to Promote Urban Cycling. Keynote at State of Design Festival. Melbourne. 2010.