Biomega Commercial






Biomega, Denmark

The Copenhagenize Love Handle was a design prototype, attaching handles to lightposts to make it easier for cyclists to use them for support when waiting at traffic lights. The ‘Love Handles’ were a massive success during the ten days of the pilot project. We placed six of them around the city, on busy bicycle routes. 

When the team was taking them down, people protested, saying they loved them. We also set out to track the behaviour change during the course of the pilot project. When a new "thing" appears on peoples' regular route, how long does it take for people to notice the Love Handles? Would they use them? Answers: Two days. Yes.

The Copenhagenize "Has Bin" was the other prototype, placing raised up garbage bins along busy bicycle routes. The bins were well-used - bicycle users intuitively figured out what they were for. We also gained an insight into what kind of things bicycle users throw out on their journeys: apple cores, banana peels, many coffee cups, cigarette packs and newspapers were among them.