EU BiTiBi (Bike-Train-Bike) Program


2014 - 2017


Communication, Education


European Commission

Bike Train Bike (BiTiBi) was an EU-funded, three year project to promote the intermodal use of bicycles and public transit in urban commuting throughout Europe. The bicycle is a flexible, inexpensive and quick way to solve many of these first and last-mile commuting difficulties for residents who commute by train over relatively long distances. It may not be realistic to expect everyone to bicycle 15km to and from the office, but to cycle and hop on the train for the bulk of the trip could dramatically provide countless economic, social and environmental benefits for regions.

BiTiBi worked with partner municipalities, train operators, bike share schemes and other actors involved in achieving a more energy efficient commute throughout European cities, disseminating information, learning and communications material. The project culminated in a conference organised by Copenhagenize in Utrecht in 2017.