Bordeaux Bicycle Urbanism Coaching


2016 - Present




Bordeaux Métropole, France

Before setting up an action plan to improve their local cycling conditions, Bordeaux Métropole brought Copenhagenize Design Co. on board to advise and provide inspiration on best-practice bicycle urbanism. Local politicians attended a Copenhagenize keynote in Bordeaux and participated in a study trip to Copenhagen, and subsequently voted for an ambitious Cycling Strategy for the next four years in order to make cycling a comfortable and competitive means of transportation in the Greater Bordeaux area. With another study trip, a special Master Class for Bordeaux's urban designers, as well as workshops and conferences on bicycle urbanism and communication, Copenhagenize continues to diffuse knowledge on high quality bicycle infrastructure and user-centered design at all levels of Bordeaux Métropole — from politicians to urban designers and communication officers.