Candiac, Québec Bicycle Analysis


2018 - 2019


Urban Planning & Design


City of Candiac

Québec, Canada

Candiac, a municipality of around 21,000 on the South Shore of Montréal — is already one of the most forward-thinking suburbs in Québec in terms of bicycle infrastructure. With 33 kilometres of existing facilities, a dedicated bicycle bridge, and public bicycle pumps and repair stations, Candiac has much to be proud of. This project analyses the current state of cycling in Candiac in order to understand how the City can go further in becoming a truly bicycle-friendly community. Building upon its existing policy and infrastructure, the City of Candiac is ready to improve network connectivity and non-motorized mobility options throughout all seasons of the year, and can encourage all kinds of residents to adopt the bicycle for utilitarian trips in and around Candiac.

In the first of two phases, our Canadian team conducted a broad analysis of existing cycling conditions in Candiac and its neighbouring municipalities. Secondly, we dove into deeper analyses that informed our recommendations for infrastructure, services, design, and all other elements of a bicycle-friendly community.