Dunwoody, Atlanta Bicycle Analysis




Urban Planning & Design, Education


Grubb Properties Inc.

The Park at Perimeter Center East is a planned, mixed-use development located in Dunwoody, Georgia, a municipality north-west of Atlanta, that seeks to increase the density of residential and office uses in the community. Grubb Properties Inc. sought the help of Copenhagenize Design Co. to produce a white paper illustrating the potential for the bicycle not only at the future Park at PCE development, but as an everyday mode of transportation throughout the whole of Dunwoody. 

To make a convincing argument for the bicycle in Dunwoody, we conducted research and GIS analysis to examine the existing bicycle infrastructure, traffic conditions, and destinations accessible by bike in and surrounding Dunwoody. From there, we highlighted a number of crucial connection points for non-motorized travel, concluding that — with greater bike infrastructure — there is indeed a strong potential for the bicycle as a tool for Dunwoody residents of all ages and abilities.