A bicycle infrastructure odyssey in Switzerland: Vélostations (3/3)

While on tour in Switzerland, we observed and compared not only the on-street infrastructure, but the public bicycle parking, too. Drawing from the french language, the Swiss call these vélostations.

We observed that, regardless of how successful each city’s infrastructure is, there are — with the exception of Lausanne — vélostations at every train station. All the parking facilities we saw were lockable ones with 24/7 access, often equipped with a staffed workshop and complete with bigger spots for storing cargo bikes or trailers. However, these sheltered and secure bicycle storage facilities are not free. Although they are not that expensive, bicycle users must still pay to lock their bikes in a vélostation. As a free alternative, we noticed that the bicycle parking spots around the train stations tend to be cramped up, despite there being plenty of parking space inside.  

In Switzerland, a country in which public transportation is well-developed and trains are a reliable way to travel between all major cities, vélostations effectively integrate the bicycle as one element of a seamless multimodal trip.

Scroll through the slideshow below to see the stations in greater detail:


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