The Guardian: Copenhagenize your city


In a recent article, Copenhagenize your city: The case for urban cycling in 12 graphs, the Guardian featured graphics from our founder Mikael Colville-Andersen’s new book. After nearly 10 years of running the Copenhagenize blog and company, Mikael compiled his expertise into a comprehensive Copenhagenize book, creating a definitive guide to global bicycle urbanism. In the context of a growing recognition for the bicycle as an essential tool for improving our cities, Mikael draws from his experience working with cities worldwide on bicycle planning and communications strategies.

Beginning with the story of Copenhagen — and how it turned away from modernist urban planning in the 1960s, and embraced the bicycle instead — Mikael explains the fundamentals of Danish traffic planning today, and why the bicycle makes sense for our health, economy, cities, and quality of life. Check out some of the graphs from the book below. For the full Copenhagenize story, get your copy here.