A toast to 10 years of bicycle urbanism

It is with gratitude for his near decade of work and development that the Copenhagenize Team recognizes Mikael Colville-Andersen will step down as CEO of Copenhagenize Design Co. in the new year.


As one of the leading global voices in sustainable mobility, Mikael has nurtured and grown an international movement focused on the way we travel within our cities. In particular, he has advocated for the important role the bicycle plays in a rational, efficient, and democratic transition into 21st century urbanism, placing Copenhagen front and centre as thousands of visitors and millions of readers have come to understand how bicycle urbanism can propel our cities forward.

We are thankful for the foundation Mikael has laid with his work and for the creation of the Copenhagenize community. We are equally excited to see where Mikael takes his creative energy, with projects like the Life-Sized City TV Series, as he continues to capture the imagination of many around the world, inspiring others to advocate for human-centred urbanism.

Here at Copenhagenize Design Co. our mandate is to continue our work making the cities of the world life-sized and bicycle-friendly, with a team of passionate urbanists pushing cities, governments, organisations, and companies to adopt human-centred design in everything they do. In the new year, Morten Kabell will lead our offices in Copenhagen, Montreal, Brussels, and Barcelona in the role of CEO, while Mikael will continue to advise us, as a founding partner, on the work we do.

With that, we pour a glass of red wine and toast to you, Mikael.