Cargo bike pioneers in Brussels

At Copenhagenize Design Co., we believe there is something quite magical about the cargo bike. It can be a space for a special conversation between parent and child. Suddenly, it can transform into a reliable tool for carrying anything — from furniture to christmas trees — and ultimately even become a game-changer for urban logistics. 

We counted cargo bikes in Copenhagen and shared its magic in Cargo Bike Nation. Copenhagenize Design Co. was a partner in the European Cyclelogistics project. We also invite you to stay tuned for more, since we are beginning a new project, City Changer Cargo Bike, with partners across Europe to promote private and commercial use of cargo bikes. 

Not all cities are cargo bike nations like Copenhagen, but many are re-discovering this unique bicycle. In Brussels, out of the window of our co-working space, our local team could catch glimpses of an increasing number of them. 


So, we set out to meet these cargo bike pioneers — to understand how in a city known for its dense car traffic and challenging terrain for bicycle users such a phenomenon could occur. A series of 20 interviews with a variety of stakeholders, from bicycle stores, local businesses, to city representatives, as well as residents confirmed that a cargo bike transition was indeed underway in the heart of Europe. 

But, how many cargo bike users were there actually? There was only one way to know — to count them.


Read the full study below to learn more about our findings.