City Changer Cargo Bike Initiative Continues with Cambridge Conference

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Cargo bikes are definitely part of the urban future in Europe, and more than 20 partners from all over Europe gathered in Cambridge last week as part of the City Changer Cargo Bike project.

Morten Kabell represented Copenhagenize and participated throughout the three days in activities, talks, and workshops. He can happily report that lots of progress is underway due to this collaboration. More cities are now working actively to promote the use of cargo bikes for local and regional transport. Morten led a workshop on how to do local workshops for decision makers, retailers and families; three of the main target groups for participating cities.

Part of the programme was a bike ride around Cambridge, which is surely England’s primary bicycling city today with a modal share of around 25%. The central station has a very good bike parking garage with specific spaces for cargo bikes.

Copenhagenize continues the work towards promoting cargo bikes around Europe through this initiative!