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Following a strong Danish design tradition, Copenhagenize Design Co. works on planning cities, districts and neighbourhoods, integrating simplicity, logic and human nature into mobility networks. Armed with best-practice street design refined over a hundred years, we specialise in applying an anthropological and human-centred approach to bicycle planning. For us, connectivity, simplicity and coherence are the foundations of designing for vulnerable road users. 

At Copenhagenize Design Co. we offer urban planning and design services for cities or private developers, working with local planners and engineers to find the best solution to fit the needs of the site. From city-wide bicycle planning strategies to re-designing one city street, we have the team that will bring design strategies for utilitarian cycling to the heart of your project.



Bicycle Planning Strategies

Our team works on a wide range of projects at various urban scales, from city-wide or neighbourhood-focused bicycle strategies, to location-specific streetscape design, and from multi-modal solutions, to safe bicycle routes to schools and bicycle parking analyses.



Coaching Services

Copenhagenize Design Co. offers municipal and corporate clients the opportunity for intensive one-on-one collaboration on either "big picture" goals or specific projects. Coaching projects have taken many different forms – from intersection design plan review to developing innovative bicycle urbanism projects for a vacant property, or mobility-specific sub-consulting on a larger neighbourhood development plan.



Desire Lines Analysis

Our team has helped cities like Copenhagen, Barcelona, Amsterdam, Paris and Montreal redesign intersections for bicycles. Through direct anthropological observation we aim to understand behavioural patterns of vulnerable road users in order to propose structural changes that fit the needs of a liveable city. These analyses provide client cities with a great deal of data that may not have been tangible previously, allowing for a deeper understanding of the needs of their citizens. 



Product Design

When you embed yourself in all aspects of designing bicycle-friendly cities, your practice does not end at best-practice infrastructure and streetscape design. Copenhagenize Design Co. offers innovative and human-centred design for products ranging from high security cargo-bike racks to interactive street furniture like footrests and garbage cans.