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Planning + Design

We offer urban planning and design services for cities or large private land-owners, working with local planners and engineers to find the best solution to fit the needs of the site. From city-wide bicycle planning strategies to re-designing one city street, we have the team that will bring design strategies for utilitarian cycling to the heart of your project.



We help our clients get their important messages across to the 99%. From holistic communication strategies that promote urban cycling, to busting myths about cyclists, to targeted campaigns, logos and visual identities, Copenhagenize Design Co. excels at broadcasting bicycles as a legitimate mode of transportation that is worthy of investment.


The Copenhagenize Design Co. team regularly speaks to engaged audiences at events and conferences around the world. CEO Mikael Colville-Andersen is particularly well-known for his inspirational keynotes as a thought leader in bicycle urbanism, and has spoken in over 65 cities around the world. Our talks can either be tailor-made to a client's wishes or tell the developing story of bicycle urbanism worldwide.


Study Tours

The flow of people coming to experience the world's best cycling cities like Copenhagen and Amsterdam has only been intensifying over the past few years. Copenhagenize Design Co. offers comprehensive study tours, workshops and lectures for delegation groups of students, planners, engineers and policymakers seeking to gain a deep understanding of how to transform and modernise their city.


Coaching packages

Copenhagenize Design Co. offers municipal and corporate clients the opportunity for intensive one-on-one collaboration on either "big picture" goals or specific projects. Coaching projects have taken many different forms – from intersection design plan review to developing innovative bicycle urbanism projects for a vacant property, or mobility-specific sub-consulting on a larger neighbourhood development plan.