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Over 100 international talks, conferences and events since 2009

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Broadcasting a mainstream message about the importance of re-establishing bicycles in cities is of utmost importance to our team. Promoting the bicycle as a normal mode of transportation requires a coordinated message that gets sub-cultures, advocacy and government using the same terminology and on the same page. Our team delivers just this, and does so the world over.

including (among others):

  • EU Ministers of Transport, Luxembourg

  • House of Parliament, London england

  • TED x Copenhagen, Zurich & Münster

  • UNAM University, Mexico City

  • Columbia University, new york U.S.A.

  • Cities of Sao Paulo & Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

  • Simon Fraser University, Vancouver canada

  • University of Budapest, hungary

  • Edmonton Winter Cities Shakeup, canada

  • Bike Texas Conference, u.s.a.

  • Festival of Cycling, Edinburgh scotland

  • State of Design Festival, australia

  • Velo-City conference: Adelaide & Vienna

  • French National Cycling Conference

  • Association of Irish Engineers

  • Pro-Walk Pro-Bike, Long Beach U.S.A.

Our team, led by CEO Mikael Colville-Andersen, is well versed in offering keynotes on a number of engaging topics for audiences of any background in any corner of the world. Get in touch to inquire about booking one of the following keynotes for your event:

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Bicycle Urbanism by Design

Understanding the power of design and the bicycle as solutions for liveable cities


Desire Lines

How a user-based urban design approach can be applied to traffic planning


Bicycle Anthropology

Understanding the human urban experience in the most bicycle friendly cities

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Communicating Change

Effective brand marketing and social media use to influence behaviour

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