The master class in bicycle

Our cities are changing. The paradigm is shifting. Urbanism must rise to the challenge of urbanization. The Master Class offers an intensive three-day im- mersion in Copenhagen - the City of Cyclists - with the goal of preparing pas- sioniate individuals from around the world for the transformation of transport and life in our urban centers.

Over three intensive and rewarding days you will experience a bicycle-friendly city at every moment. Copenhagenize Design Company will share with you the fruits of our labour and our philosophy, covering the topics we have pio- neered and the concepts we have coined. Including, but certainly not restrict- ed to, Copenhagenizing, Bicycle Urbanism, Desire Lines, The Arrogance of Space, Citizen Cyclists and Life-Sized Cities. Planning for bicycles using Best Practice, working for - and communicating to - the 99% and understanding bicycle anthropology and the bicycle's integral role in the life of our cities.

Copenhagen is an obvious choice. The winding streets in the medieval city centre are one thing, but the rest of the sprawl fanning away from the heart resembles so many other cities in the world. It is here, like no other big city in the world, that inspiration is strongest, best practice in infrastructure and planning is most established and visions of how other cities can be most everpresent.

The bicycle is the most important tool in our urban toolboxes for rebuilding our Life-Sized Cities. We will help you master this tool and equip you to use it when you return to your home city. We are seeking the right twenty people for our two Master Classes in 2016. 


Summer 2017

19. - 21. June (Sold out!)