The Master Class & Format

It's a three-day master class. It will be intense and rewarding. There is nothing else like it and you won't forget it. From the heart of this City of Cyclists we will explore all the aspects of Bicycle Urbanism. The Copenhagenize team, including our CEO Mikael Colville-Andersen, will be with you every step of the way on this journey. The master class is a combination of lectures, hands-on workshop work on case studies, site visits and study tours. There will be socializing in the evenings - we wouldn't have it any other way - but fatigue is not an option with our passionate approach and constant flow of inspiration.

We will tell you all about planning for a bicycle friendly city, focusing on anthropology as much as infrastructure design. We'll discuss the infrastructure design in Copenhagen compared to other cities. We'll go out and see it, feel it, ride it - in order to fully under- stand it.

We'll tell stories. About how a generation of planners in Copenhagen have transformed the city after three decades of car-centric planning. More importantly, we tell stories about all the mistakes that Copenhagen made. No rose-coloured glasses here - mis- takes have been made (and still are made) but how they were fixed (or can be fixed) is important.

Copenhagen wasn't known as a bicycle-friendly city until 2007. Your hosts at this master class are the people who put the city on the map and injected a new brand angle into the city. We'll tell you all about the communication journey and why it is im- portant even when you work with planning or engineering.

While a lot of the focus will be on bicycle urbanism, our master class will also crossover into urbanism in general based on the things we will show you in Copenhagen. The Life-Sized City. 


The participants

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