Glen Lennox Development Bicycle Strategy 




Urban Planning & Design


Grubb Properties Inc.

Glen Lennox is a neighbourhood development in Chapel Hill, North Carolina that integrates innovative housing and transportation solutions and aims to enhance the quality of life for existing and future residents. As an important mid-20th century project for Chapel Hill, the modern redevelopment of Glen Lennox will increase local density, offer more commercial and retail mixed-use spaces, and improve sustainable transportation options within the community, with the mission of becoming the most bicycle-friendly neighbourhood in the Carolinas. 

With Grubb Properties Inc, Copenhagenize Design Co. has been examining existing conditions and the potential to improve access to local sustainable modes of transportation, make the community safe for all ages and abilities, and enhance connectivity with the rest of Chapel Hill and the surrounding Triangle region. A bicycle network plan will help Glen Lennox realize its transportation and mobility goals. In partnership with the Town of Chapel Hill, Glen Lennox is leading transformative solutions in the region and will be a national example for low to medium density development projects.