Copenhagenize Design Co. welcomes delegations of planners, engineers, city officials and academics to Copenhagen throughout the year for a comprehensive look at bicycle planning and infrastructure in Copenhagen. The interest in visiting the world's most bicycle friendly city grows each year and many different groups from around the world make the trip to see it all for themselves.

Our team has led study tours in Copenhagen for over 2000 people from more than 30 countries since 2011, offering a number of different tours, custom Master Classes and one-off lectures for interested visitors.


Copenhagen Tour Overview

Price (less than 20 participants): 4000 DKK.

Our standard tour in Copenhagen generally covers two to three hours of cycling in the city, depending on group size and specific requests. We visit a great number of bicycle urbanism highlights on the tour in the City of Copenhagen: bicycle and pedestrian bridges over the harbour, cycle tracks designed for different road contexts, micro-design innovations such as the bicycle footrest, while discussing the inner-workings of a mainstream bicycle culture, safety and encouragement and other important factors. The experience is of course peppered with entertaining anecdotes and historical references about the development of this most bicycle-friendly of cities.

Due to availability, we only offer tours for groups. The tours are all (not surprisingly) done on bicycle, rain or shine. Participants are expected to have a base level skill in riding a bicycle and Copenhagenize Design Co. is not liable for any incidents on the road.

We can certainly tailor a tour to the needs of a visiting delegation of all sizes – to inquire further please email