Montréal Site Outremont District Bicycle Plan




Urban Planning & Design


City of Montréal,

Québec, Canada

The Site Outremont is a high-profile capital development neighbourhood project in Canada's second largest city that will repurpose a former rail yard site into a vibrant, mixed-use neighbourhood with over 1,000 housing units, new streets and parks, and a new campus for the Université de Montréal. 

Copenhagenize Design Co. was hired by the City of Montréal to assess the existing bicycle infrastructure and site conditions of all surrounding districts, and to propose improvements to the area in order to create a well-connected, comfortable, and safe bicycle network. The vision for the future of the site include high-quality protected bicycle infrastructure, suggestions for accompanying amenities for bicycle users, recommendations for bicycle parking, and potential for integration with BIXI, the pioneering North American bike share system.